Thinking of vending machines for your workplace? Well you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Vending Machine Guy website. 

Vending Machine Guy: Fighting a never ending battle for good service and fair prices. Friend to the hungry, enemy to overpriced and underserviced vending machine Bad Guys everywhere, yes it's VENDING MACHINE GUY!
Vending Machine Guy can provide vending machines for your employees or customers at no cost to you. If you're tired of machines that don't work, that are half empty, or that are way too expensive, it's time to try Vending Machine Guy. We have been proudly serving the Durham region, Markham and Scarborough since 1996. This is MY business, and I am committed to providing you with service that meets or exceeds your expectations. You can email me through my contact page or call me direct at (416) 457-6797 or (289) 200-1771 locally from the Durham area.

Frequently Asked Questions: